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16 Nov

Dearest all Bathing Beauty Customers,


We are currently taking some time to redevelop our website which will launch in 2016. For all outstanding orders, please don’t freak out! We have them and we are working through the backlog of orders in our system. If you have any enquiries you can email us at

In the meantime we will be updating our blog with news and information about all things beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food.

Stay in touch!


Team @ Bathing Beauty

My off duty style

7 Nov
My off duty style

Sweater dress
69 AUD –

Boyfriend jeans
62 AUD –

Jimmy Choo black shoes
2 115 AUD –

Backpacks bag
20 AUD –

The Horse bracelet watch
145 AUD –

Gothic jewelry
34 AUD –

Quay cat eye sunglasses

Black eye makeup
39 AUD –

NARS Cosmetics red lipstick
38 AUD –

Raceday Ready

30 Oct
Spring Racing Essentials


With the pinnacle of the Spring Racing season just around the corner, the team at Bathing Beauty have picked out their essential beauty kit items to keep you looking and feeling tip top all day long. Whether it be a clutch sized carry along, or a hair saving serum, we have done our utmost to pick out the best on the (beauty) field.


1. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

Maintain that luminous glow all day long with just a little dab of the brightening living luminizer. Pat sparingly onto cheek bones, on the inside corners of your eyes and even on your Cupid’s bow to instantly freshen up your look.


2. Velour Lashes false lashes

One simple application, zero touch ups and gorgeous fluttery lashes – what more could you want?


3. Kjaer Weis lip tint

Maintain that pretty pout in between sips of champagne with a sheer lip tint from Kjaer Weis. No need for lip liner, no bleeding of colour and easy application all make this compact a race day winner.


4. Rahua finishing treatment

Just as important as that fabulous fascinator is the hairstyle accompanying it. Protect those beautifully styled tresses with a luxurious finishing treatment applied before heat styling or to tame those pesky fly-aways.


5. Mai Couture blotting paper

Keep your face shine free with Mai Couture’s lavender infused blotting papers. Press firmly onto shiny spots to remove excess sebum while keeping all of your makeup intact.


6. W3ll People Hypnotist eye liner

Keep your liner in tip top shape throughout the day with W3ll People’s purse sized pencil.


7. In Fiore parfum solid

Fit this compact locket in any clutch and apply at any point during the day for a sophisticated burst of scent.

Get ‘Inspire’-d

22 Oct




The Bathing Beauty team aren’t leaving any makeup trick untried when it comes to this season’s hottest trend of lilac, violet and lavender hues. What better time than now to experiment with a bit of colour? To create this simple ‘ode to purple’ look, we used just two products – RMS Beauty’s eye polish in ‘Inspire’ and Bite Beauty’s lip pencil in ‘Violet’. You read it right here: a gorgeous coloured lid with just two products, and a lip pencil used on the waterline. To tie the look together, simply add a lick of Kjaer Weis’ mascara and a pop of RGB lavender polish on the nails.

Voila! A simple, striking, shimmery purple look to add to your eye shadow repertoire!


XX Mon

Pretty in Purple

6 Oct



Purple eyeshadow has been tipped as a hot makeup trend for the spring and summer months. Seen on the catwalk for the likes of Vera Wang and Derek Lam, lilac hued peepers are making waves in the fashion world. Coloured shadows aren’t for everyone though, so if you have your reservations about splashing a bit of colour across your lids, why not dip your toes into the trend with a purple polish, lip colour or gloss?


xx Mon

Why We Should Be Eating More Fermented Foods…

3 Oct


The word ‘fermented’ doesn’t always conjure up the most pleasant of images… but the world of fermented food is not one you want to bypass just on a name basis.

Without fermented foods, we would be sans sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, kefir and even just plain old yoghurt – not a world I want to be living in. The tangy burst of cultured foods is a taste sensation that would be sorely missed. Why am I on a fermented food rampage? Not only does it taste amazing, but I am banging on because the health benefits that come from including at least one cultured or fermented food in your meal plan each day are phenomenal. Using yoghurt or kefir, for example, in at least one meal daily promotes dental health, helps to fight off pathogenic bacteria, supports the immune system, heals the intestinal track and offers it respite, and it aids with digestion. Not to mention, the fermentation process boosts the nutritional value of whatever it is you choose to ferment (be it cabbage, milk or carrot) and it contains 100x more probiotics than supplements. With all these benefits, how could you possibly be anti fermented foods?!

The high level of probiotics found in cultured foods helps to repair the flora of your gut at an accelerated rate. Something as simple as an infection, and even just a single course of antibiotics, is enough to send your gut into turmoil, sometimes for months on end. When there is an imbalance in the flora of your gut (also known as dysbiosis), your body starts to show signs of fatigue, presents itself with gastrointestinal issues and it even contributes to a dull and blemished complexion. Who would have thought that something as simple as taking a course of antibiotics could cause havoc with your skin for months after?! If you find that your skin is starting to look tired, take an active approach and as well as looking after it with the right skincare, start feeding it from the inside out. Start including more yoghurt in your diet, or for those who are keen to really delve into the cultured food world, why not look into making your own milk kefir or labneh? The results of a combined internal health regime and a good skincare regime (why not give In Fiore’s 424 Cleansing method a shot?), you will literally be ‘glowing from within’ by nourishing yourself from the inside out!


xx Mon

“How To” Makeup: Delicate and Dreamy

8 Sep

Instantly add a soft, feminine touch to your look with a lucious set of Velour lashes

DelicateMake up artist: Laurisha at Lamar Beauty

Model: Monique at Little Miss Mon Bon

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